Do you dig holes & use concrete? Yes?
Expanda-Crete is for you!


Expanda-Crete is an inert plastic, high-density, closed cell polyurethane water blown foam perfect for setting fence posts.

Expanda-Crete is easy and safe to use and sets in 1 hour so you can start building your fence sooner without having to come back the next day when the concrete is set.

With one 2 gallon (7.57L) pack equivalent to using 20 bags of quick set concrete , Expanda-Crete will save a lot of room on your truck and remove the need to have concrete delivered. With no need for water, Expandacrete is a great choice for rural fencing work where water is not always accessible.

Ideal for the home handyman and also suitable for large commercial jobs. Use for all fencing projects from your ColorBond fence, strainer post or even a telephone pole.

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10 Reasons you should be using Expanda-Crete

A fast, easy & convenient alternative to filling post holes with concrete

2 Part kit in liquid state – just mix together

High density, closed cell, polyurethane water blown foam

Compaction strength approx 3 times that of average soil

Quick setting – no waiting

Contains no CFC’s or HFC’s

No effect on the soil or the environment

No water required

No broken bags of unused product

Mix only what is required


It's Easy, 3 Simple Steps

1. Combine


Mix Part A component with equal parts of Part B component.

Expanda-Crete step one

2. Mix


Power mix up to 15 seconds until the mix turns to a cream colour, the marbling is gone, and the container starts to feel warm. This will ensure the best mix for setting your posts. DO NOT over mix.

Expanda-Crete step two



Immediately pour the full amount of the mixed Expanda-Crete as a liquid into prepared opening around the post. After roughly 5 to 10 minutes, you can remove the supports. After 1 hour, your posts are securely set.

Expanda-Crete step three

How it works


How much Expanda-Crete high density post hole foam do you need?

With one Expanda-Crete pack equivalent to around 20 bags of rapid set cement you are going to save a lot of room on your ute.

30mm of Expanda-Crete mix in the bottom of any straight sided hole, will swell to 500mm.

60mm will fill a metre. If there is a post standing in the hole, it doesn’t take very much to fill 30 or 60 mm.

With concrete you need a bigger hole, just to get it down there. Because Expanda-Crete expands with pressure from the bottom, the hole can be smaller and do a better job.

These tables will help you work out how much Expanda-Crete high density post hole foam you will need for your next project.

The Expanda-Crete useage chart is a guide to how many ml required per hole.
Assume standard hole depth is 1000mm

Round Posts

Aussume standard hole depth is 1000mm

hole widths
Post Size dia x mm = 50 60 75 90 115 140
150 400 + 400 ml 400 + 400 ml 360 + 360 ml 310 + 310 ml N/A N/A
200 800 + 800 ml 800 + 800 ml 750 + 750 ml 700 + 700 ml 600 + 600 ml N/A
250 1300 + 1300 ml 1300 + 1300 ml 1200 + 1200 ml 1200 + 1200 ml 1100 + 1100 ml 900 + 900 ml
300 1800 + 1800 ml 1800 + 1800 ml 1800 + 1800 ml 1800 + 1800 ml 1700 + 1700 ml 1500 + 1500 ml

Square Posts

Aussume standard hole depth is 1000mm

hole widths
Post Size mm x mm = 50x50 50x75 75x75 100x100
150 400 + 400 ml 350 + 350 ml 340 + 340 ml N/A
200 800 + 800 ml 800 + 800 ml 700 + 700 ml 600 + 600 ml
250 800 + 800 ml 800 + 800 ml 700 + 700 ml 600 + 600 ml
300 1800 + 1800 ml 1800 + 1800 ml 1900 + 1900 ml 1700 + 1700 ml

Note: The setting depth for line posts should be 1/4th the overall length of the post.
The setting depth for corner and gate posts should be 1/3rd the overall length of the post.


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Includes GST and freight within Australia

Kit Contents: 1 gallon of Part A | 1 gallon of Part B | 2 measuring cups | 2 mixers | 1 scrape stick


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